Audition Mastery

 Specialized audition coaching to maximize your impact every time.

You've just been presented with a great voice-over audition and you feel your voice is perfect for the specs, but you're struggling to put together a great read, and you know you have to nail it to even be considered.

Or, maybe you're just not getting hired from any of your auditions. You're not getting the feedback you need in order to grow as a voice talent, and aren't sure where you're going wrong.

If either of these are true, Such A Voice Coach & Producer, Nancy Wilson, has developed Audition Mastery for you. Nancy has worked with countless voice actors in developing their talents, and has built this program specifically to assist where many voice actors struggle: auditions. Nancy will help you find your edge, and eliminate bad habits so that every audition can be your best.

In today's voice-over marketplace, the voice-actor who is the most deeply connected to the copy is the most likely to book the job!

Nancy has consolidated the best ways of "getting connected" into a formula that is super effective, and really fun to do!

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Audition Mastery Details

Two Half-Hour Audition Mastery Sessions

Nancy Wilson will teach you how to master any audition and bring your very best to every read. You'll learn how to truly own the copy, look at scripts from different angles to create a fresh perspective, turn non-conversational copy into a believable message, and several other tips and tricks specifically designed to help you make the most of each and every one of your audition opportunities.

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$129 for Two Half-Hour Sessions

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$79 for One Half-Hour Session

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Audition Preparation
Nancy will coach you to find your best performance with any script, subject, and situation.

Audition Analysis
Review unsuccessful auditions with Nancy to uncover and eliminate trends and bad habits.

Living the Story
Learn to differentiate pushing your performance, and living the story to deliver a natural read.

Yee Jee Tso Yee Jee Tso,

Nancy's motto, "Make it deeply personal" isn't just talk. She works tirelessly to find a deeper connection between you, the actor, and the material. I'm confident in saying, you'll get real results and palpable improvements to your performances by working with Nancy. I did.

Ra Palacio Ra Palacio,

“Nancy taught me how to bring the ACTING to voice acting. Her experience in the industry coupled with honesty and creativity gives her the skill to help you find yourself within a script. To find your truth in your read by remembering to "CREATE A BACKSTORY". I couldn't ask for more from a coach....Nurturing, yet strong and patient. I never felt silly or embarrassed when she got me to try something out of my comfort zone. Nancy is one of a kind!”

Dean T Moody Dean T Moody,

After many years of keeping my VO dreams on a shelf, I pulled them down in early 2016, dusted them off, and have been going at them ever since. Nancy Wilson was an integral part of this process, a huge inspiration to me, and I am forever grateful. She gave me steps and methods to practice how to find the heart and soul of any piece of commercial copy I'm given. I have accessed that information many, many times since she taught me, and every time I do, I can hear her voice stating her mantra, "Keep it personal." That's helped me ever since.

Josh Baker Josh Baker

You were a huge help in getting me out of my head and into characters, and really pushing me past my negative self-talk.

I've attached a copy of a picture of me doing my first improv show, successfully I might add! Getting to say "yes", stretching the canvas and really going for it... you really were instrumental in that.

My whole life has improved because of the permission you facilitated in my life. Coming into this I didn't realize the depth of this well.

Elizabeth Hope Elizabeth Hope

"I have had the pleasure of working with Nancy for a few months now. She is the consummate professional. Honest, insightful and dead-on target with her advice. Due to our work together I have had several successful encounters and just completed a web series. Couldn’t have done it without her. I enjoy working with her and look forward to a long relationship with this incredible talent." 

Richard Shirasawa Richard Shirasawa

Thanks for your help.  I got it!  The good news is they're going to use my voice and I have an in for future work. I've also been invited to review the animation before it is released.  It's going to be used for the Museum's education outreach program for those not able to come to the museum to hear the stories being told.  This gives them a sample of the kind of stories being told.

In Audition Mastery, you will learn how to...

  • Truly "own" the copy.
  • Find the subtext of any spot.
  • Turn awkward, non-conversational copy into something believable.
  • Improve your future auditions with tips and techniques you can use for the rest of your voice-over career.
  • Look at scripts from different angles, creating fresh new reads!
  • Discover the number of takes you should submit, their order, and how best to vary them.
  • Pull from a library of tips and tricks specifically designed to help you make the most of each and every one of your audition opportunities.
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